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    Provides services to Supa Life members through
    its multispecialty clinics and channel partners.
  • Quality of Life
    improve quality
    of life
    By creating patient-centric healthcare systems which will improve response times,
    reduce human error, save costs, and impact the quality of life.
  • Healthy Life
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    Supa Life services unleash enormous possibilities creating
    persistent support towards healthy way of life.


We recognized early on, that to make a real and substantial contribution to make affordable and qualitative healthcare possible, one has to redefine the standards themselves, instead of doing more same practices. The revolutionized services will unleash enormous possibilities creating persistent support towards healthy way of life.

The product covers services ranging from Medicines, diagnostics, consulting, Treatment and recovery through its flagship product "Supa Life Card". This way, people can have full coverage for themselves, their families and elders.

Membership Card

Membership Card

What we offer

Quality Healthcare

Patient-centric healthcare systems at our multispecialty clinics.

Comprehensive Coverage

Provide full coverage offered for self, family as well as elders.

Meet the team

One Team, One Dream

The Leadership Team at Supacare Pvt. Ltd. has more than a decade of experience building and running chain of multi-speciaity Hospitals, Business Integration, Process Engineering, establish healthcare networks and more. The organization values Integrity, Ownership, positivity and respect for individual.

It is our promise to stand by your side during difficult times. Hospitals, Diagnostic checks and Medicines are part of human life. It cannot be eliminated but we can definitely be cognizant to make it financially - independent, mentally - stress free and physically - less tiresome.

Given a chance, we want to nurture our relationship such that together we all live Super Life.

Let me introduce you to Supa Life Card.